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Instructions for using German flame laminating machines


German flame laminating machines can uniformly bond two or more different materials together and produce high-quality composite materials.
The flame laminating machine uses a fire exhaust to burn the sponge, melting its surface and quickly bonding with other materials. The heating speed can be adjusted by controlling the size of the flame and the speed of the conveyor belt to meet different production needs

This equipment usually consists of a discharge device, a flame composite device, and a winding device. The sponge is sprayed and burned by flame to melt on its surface, and then instantly adheres to other textiles, non textiles, artificial leather, etc. The finished products are mostly used in industries such as clothing, toys, car interiors, sofa seat covers, decoration, and packaging

1. Preparation before operation: Before using the German flame re combiner, it is necessary to carefully check whether the equipment is normal, whether the burner is clean, and whether all components are secure.

2. Safety measures: Protective clothing, gloves, and other labor protection equipment must be worn during operation. At the same time, the workplace should be kept clean and free of flammable and explosive materials.

3. Flame control: When adjusting the flame, first open the air valve, then adjust the gas valve, and finally adjust the air valve to ensure that the flame is normal.

4. Material placement: Place the materials that need to be composite according to the requirements, ensuring that the materials are not offset or stuck.

5.Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure that it is in good condition for a long time.

There are multiple methods to adjust the flame intensity of a flame re combiner. A commonly used method is to achieve this by adjusting the parameters of the machine. Flame re combiners are usually equipped with regulating valves and control devices, which can adjust the supply and proportion of fuel and air to change the size and intensity of the flame. Another method is to use different fuels. Different fuels have different combustion performance and characteristics, and the intensity and shape of the flame can be changed by changing the fuel.

The adjustment of flame intensity in a flame re combiner not only affects the combustion effect, but also has important significance for the application field. Flame re combiners are widely used in industrial production and combustion heat energy conversion processes. In industrial production, different processes and products require different flame sizes and intensities, so it is necessary to adjust the flame intensity of the flame laminating machine according to actual needs to meet production requirements. In summary, the flame intensity of the flame re combiner is adjustable. By adjusting the ratio of fuel to air, changing machine parameters, and using different fuels, flame intensity can be adjusted. This regulation can not only improve combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency, but also meet the production needs of different fields. With the continuous progress of technology and the development of industrial production, the application of flame laminating machines in various industries will become increasingly widespread.